Pinnacle Basketball is now taking bookings for individual skill sessions, as well as small group skill workouts.

limited spots available

1 Person Workout




Want 1 on 1 workout training with one of our coaches? These are the sessions for you!

Perfect for gradually developing your skills over the course of time, while also gaining confidence and endurance.

2-3 Person Workout




Prefer to train with somebody else? Got a friend you want you train with?

2 or 3 person workouts are a great way to work on your skills with other people while also getting plenty of focused coaching. Whether you’re working together or competing, these sessions are always fun!

limited spots available

Pinnacle Small Groups



6 sessions
over 6 weeks

Looking for skill development alongside other athletes?

Pinnacle Small Groups operate for 6 weeks, and are the perfect way to have fun while challenging yourself. We focus on expanding each athlete’s skill set through competition and teamwork, while also introducing team and game concepts.

To get the most out of your sessions, you and Pinnacle will communicate on an individual basis to ensure your training partners are of similar age and skill level.

If you have a preferred training partner or teammate, please make this clear in the application. After a suitable session has been allocated, a confirmation email will be forwarded with a request for payment. All bookings will be secured once payment is received.

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Our goal at Pinnacle is to provide quality skill training at an affordable price.

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